Connecting to your server

Connecting with Tibia native client

In order to connect to your server, you will need OtLand IP Changer. This tool lets you change the IP address of your Tibia client, so that you can connect to the server when entering your account name and password to log in.

The first thing to do after downloading and opening it is to go to Settings, click on "Add new Tibia client", set the version and select the Tibia client executable file. Finally, click the "Add" button.

Close the settings windows and enter in the IP field, select the client version and click "Apply".

The client should start automatically and you should be able to log in using your account name and password, if you have already created one using the website we set up previously.


If you wish, you can alternatively use OTClient to connect to your server, this way you won't need any IP changer. If you are running Windows, you can find the latest builds for Windows here: Please note that it might not be the latest version, if you wish to use the latest version, you will have to compile your own. To do that, you can follow these guides:

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